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Orthopedic surgeries being performed under an image intensifier to add to the precision of the surgery.
Gall Bladder surgery being done at Ammar Complex with a laproscope without giving a full surgical incision as is required in an open gall bladder surgery.
Pain management clinic being planned at Ammar under the guidance of a GMC (uk0registered anaesthesiologist!

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About Pakistan
Officially, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a country located in South Asia
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After getting my bachelor degree in medicine, i-e MBBS, i worked in Mayo
Hospital Lahore for several years and eventually assumed the post of senior
registrar before proceeding abroad , i-e the United Kingdom for post
graduate training. In the United Kingdom after passing my plab I got the
opportunity of working at the Royal Freeman Hospital in New Castle Upon
Tyne. Having had the experience ofworking at tertiary care hospitals in
Lahore Pakistan and prestigious hospitals in the UK I had the opportunity
of understanding and closely observe the mindsets of patients both locally
and abroad. This experience enlightened me on key issues faced by patients
in Pakistan and in England.
Subsequently after coming back to Pakistan, I decided to embark upon
the course of making and creating a health facility that had the infrastructure in terms of modern equipment and the required expertise to attend to the ailing both locally and from abroad. I was fortunate from the very beginning of starting my own project as several highly qualified friends who had completed their post graduation in the UK, the United States joined me and shared the same ideals, and goals that I had decided to peruse. We bought state of the art equipment for all our departments, be it the operation theatre, the intensive care unit, the coronary care facility, the nursery for the newborns etcher. I would specifically like to mention the remarkable equipment and machinery introduced in our laboratory, equipment that is comparable to any standard diagnostic laboratory in the United States and in the United Kingdom.
Ammar Medical Complex became operational in the year 1997. It won itself a lot of praise in medical community due to highly personalized patient care, promptness of services and a fair standard of communication between the patients and the treating doctors, not to forget the duty doctors who closely follow the patient and keep the consultants informed about any developments observed.
In this history, spanning over more than a decade now, we have had quite a large number of patients who flew in from foreign destinations to get treatment at Ammar. Most of these patients visited our facility for cosmetic, plastic and facial-maxillary surgeries. Others visited for genitor-urinary procedures like prostate surgeries, some came for orthopedic surgeries including hip replacement, knee replacement, many had ENT procedures at Ammar and some had Laparoscopic surgeries like removal of the gall bladder etc performed. Hence a wide variety of surgical procedures were available to our patients from abroad by consultants most of whom are registered with the General Medical Council of the UK and others being American Board Certified. Another important aspect was the cost effectiveness of the treatment. It soon became quite clear that patients visiting us from any foreign destination were receiving high standard treatment at prices that were calculated to be almost one fifth or sometimes even less as to what they would have to pay should they decide for the same quality of treatment in their own countries where private consultations and subsequent treatment was quite unaffordable for most. Many of these patients from abroad simply didn’t want to wait for a long time to get operated upon, something that they would have to bear with because of the heavy load and que of patients in the NHS (national health service) of the united kingdom. Hence there have been several reasons for which we have been receiving patients in a reasonable number from Europe and the western countries.
We, at Ammar Complex are continuously working towards providing medical and surgical care to our patients both from within Pakistan and abroad, that is of international standards ensuring the safety and well-being of the patients that remains our top priority. We are looking forward to contribute in our own humble way to the ever growing demands and trends of surgical tourism and earn ourselves a place amongst well reputed and internationally acclaimed health facilities of the world. 
With regards, 
Dr. Javaid Aslam Bhinder,
Chief Executive and Chairman, Board of Directors,
Ammar Medical Complex, Lahore, Pakistan 


Orthopedic Surgery
Surgeries done in routine include, knee joint replacement, hip joint replacement, ankle replacement... Cosmetic Surgery
Neurosurgical procedures like V-P shunt, laminectomy, surgeries for abnormal blood vessels... Cosmetic Surgery
Gynecological and Obstetrical
Several gynecological and obstetrical procedures are performed at our centre some of which include the D.N.C(dilatation and curettage)... Cosmetic Surgery
Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery
Procedures performed in ear nose and throat speciality include adenoidectomy, FESS(Functional endoscopic sinus surgery)... Cosmetic Surgery
Plastic / Cosmetic Surgery
Plastic surgery procedures done at Ammar include, rhinoplasty(nose job)... Cosmetic Surgery
Anaesthesia Services
Anaesthesia services at Ammar Complex are in line with the international practices. In fact surgeons who have worked in western countries... Cosmetic Surgery