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Orthopedic surgeries being performed under an image intensifier to add to the precision of the surgery.
Gall Bladder surgery being done at Ammar Complex with a laproscope without giving a full surgical incision as is required in an open gall bladder surgery.
Pain management clinic being planned at Ammar under the guidance of a GMC (uk0registered anaesthesiologist!

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Mohammad Nauman Ahmad
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(Consultant Anesthesiologist)

permanent residential status in the U.K

Present Appointment:
Professor of Anesthesia, head of Anesthesia and intensive care unit
in federal post graduate medical institute Lahore, Ammar Medical
Complex Lahore

MBBS in 1980, followed by FFARCS in 1986 from Royal College of Anesthetists.

GMC;3175811, PMDC;P-1899

Experience Abroad (Uk):
Registrar in Anesthesiology frimley park hospital from 1.8.85 till 15.7.86
Registrar in Anesthesiology at North middlesex hospital edmonton, London from 23.5.83 till 26.5.85
S.H.O in Anesthesiology at Bridged general hospital and Pontefract hospital from 20.1.82 till 2.1.83
I have had the oppertunity of working at various hospitals in Uk including Stoke Mandeville hospital,
Doncaster Royal Infirmary, Chester Field Royal Hospital and Sandwell general hospital Birmingham/
Past Appointments; Senior consultant at King Faisal Hospital, Riyyadh, Saudi Arabia(1.10.04 to 1.10.07)
Consultant anesthetist at Sandwell Health care NHS TRUST, west Bromwich, Birmingham, B71 4HJ, UK(5.7.04 TO 5.9.04)
Consultant anesthetist at Manor Hospital, Moat road WS2 9PS walsall(3.6.03 to 15.9.03)
Consultant anesthetist at Sandwell healthcare NHS TRUST, west Bromwich, Birmingham B71 4HJ, UK(16.6.02 TO 2.9.02)
Consultant anesthetist at Chesterfield and North Derbyshire Royal hospital Calow, Uk(15.6.01 to 30.9.01)
Consultant anesthetist at chesterfield and north Derbyshire Royal hospital, calow, chesterfield, Uk(27.6.2000 to 3.9.2000)
Consultant anesthetist Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury Bucks, uk, HP21(12.7.96 TO 14.8.96)
Consultant anesthetist(locum)Stoke Mandeville, Aylesbury, Bucks, UK, HP21(15.8.94 TO 30.9.94)
Consultant anesthetist(locum)Stoke Mandeville, Aylesbury, Bucks, Uk, HP21(26TH MAY 92 TO 2ND OCT 92)
Consultant anesthetist(locum) Doncaster Royal Infirmary(26.6.90 to 24.8.90)
Consultant anesthetist(locum) Pontefract General Infirmary Southgate west Yorkshire WF8 1PL(13.7.88 TO 10.8.88)

Reading books, swimming, playing hockey.

Orthopedic Surgery
Surgeries done in routine include, knee joint replacement, hip joint replacement, ankle replacement... Cosmetic Surgery
Neurosurgical procedures like V-P shunt, laminectomy, surgeries for abnormal blood vessels... Cosmetic Surgery
Gynecological and Obstetrical
Several gynecological and obstetrical procedures are performed at our centre some of which include the D.N.C(dilatation and curettage)... Cosmetic Surgery
Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery
Procedures performed in ear nose and throat speciality include adenoidectomy, FESS(Functional endoscopic sinus surgery)... Cosmetic Surgery
Plastic / Cosmetic Surgery
Plastic surgery procedures done at Ammar include, rhinoplasty(nose job)... Cosmetic Surgery
Anaesthesia Services
Anaesthesia services at Ammar Complex are in line with the international practices. In fact surgeons who have worked in western countries... Cosmetic Surgery